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ECIU is the European Consortium of Innovative Universities, and alliance of EU Universities under the ERASMUS+ program to advance in the definition of the European Higher Education Space for 2030. 


The ECIU University Research Institute for Smart European Regions (SMART-ER) is a research, innovation and education alliance, enabling institutions to jointly address complex societal challenges under UN SDG11 (Sustainable cities and communities). 

Citizen Science at ECIU

The ECIU´s Community of Citizen Science comprises all the researchers, support stuff, citizen scientists, practitioners and enthusiast, actively collaborating or simply interested in Citizen Science.

Citizen Science engages the citizens in our towns and communities in the research process at different levels. From the ECIU’s perspective, Citizen Science is a strong instrument to solve challenge-based problems, and it is profoundly linked to the Challenge-Based Approach placed at ECIU’s heart.

The SMART-ER project aims at consolidating a strong component of Citizen Science in the ECIU consortium, and it has the horizon of developing a number of trans-national pilots among the ECIU partners, which will help us advance in the role that Citizen Science will have in our future University.

Join the ECIU’s Community of Citizen Science

Researchers, citizens, public institutions and economic actors are welcome to engage in our Citizen Science activities.

The platform provides documentation, training materials, webinars, the profiles of the SMART-ER Citizen Scientists and a project collection of the the State-of-the-art of Citizen Science at ECIU.

You can also follow the evolution of the SMART-ER Trans-national Pilots on Citizen Science which will take place between 2022 and 2023. These pilots will serve as a test-bed to find out what is needed within the ECIU consortium -and in the rest of the European Universities- to consolidate Citizen Science as a core element of the European University of the Future.

Join the ECIU’s Community of Citizen Science

Our researchers, our citizens and social actors, our public administrations and our SME's and agents of the socio-economic development are welcome to engage in Citizen Science activities.

Find out more about Citizen Science

You can have access to the different resources below

Webinars on Citizen Science

Get the state-of-the art in Citizen Science by watching the online SMART-ER Series of Webinars on Citizen Science, in which the SMART-ER Researchers will introduce their Citizen Science projects and discuss about the hot topics in Citizen Science practice.

SMART-ER Citizen Science Pilots

Learn about the SMART-ER Transnational Pilots in Citizen Science and engage in one of the activities. Become a SMART-ER Citizen Scientist!

Citizen Science Researchers

Discover who is involved in Citizen Science in ECIU and find out more about their research interests and projects. Identify topics of interest and meet people sharing your own research curiosity.


Citizen Science Training Resources